Hair Loss Test – How to Tell If You Are Losing Hair? Nurse’s Guide

If you’re starting to get worried because you think you’re losing your hair or just wondering if the amount you’re losing is natural or notice your hair is thinning I’ll show you how to tell if you are losing your hair. It takes just a few seconds.

Hair loss is a big concern for many men, women and children. There are many causes. You may know that you have rapid hair loss already or even a little loss and wonder what is causing it. Maybe you already have a patch of hair loss. You may not be sure so here’s a good way to tell if it’s abnormal or not.

Take a small handful of hair in you hand and tug it as hard as you can. If you have more than six strands of hair in your hand then you are losing hair. A natural loss would be less than six strands of hair a day.

Did you just try it? The “how to tell if you are losing your hair” test is the best home test I know to test for hair loss.

What do you do about it?

First of all try to determine if it’s related to any current medical diagnosis you have right now. Then take a look at any medications you may be taking in case it’s temporary and related to medications, medicines or drugs.

If you’re a man then male pattern baldness could be a possibility especially if you notice a receding hair line. Symptoms could be related to pregnancy if you’re pregnant. It could be a thyroid issue. If you are losing in big chunks it could be alopecia areata. There are many causes for hair loss.

In any case you’ll want to learn how to stop or prevent it. There are many ways to learn through blogs, forums and discussion groups. However one must be careful there because there is a lot of misinformation and guessing going on.

It’s always better to get medical advice from experts in the field. You may want to consult with your doctor if you’re noticing a rapid hair loss. In some cases you may want to see if your diet or your thyroid is causing it. Boosting your immune system with a plant food diet may help. Be careful of hair loss products and treatments. Some are expensive and most don’t work. Watch out for medicines and even FDA approved hair loss medications. These expensive drugs have to be taken daily for a lifetime. They are not quick fixes and come with many side effects and risks.

In any case once you have done your “how to tell if you are losing your hair” test and you know that you are losing hair you’ll want to learn how to prevent or how to stop hair loss before you lose any more of your hair.