Stop Panic Attacks – 5 Elements That Cause a Panic Attack

Nowadays, panic attack has become a common word and is on everyone’s tongue. Today panic attack is not restricted to some genre of people, but is rampant all over the world. Many times anxiety attack is mistaken to heart attack and the concerned person is admitted to the hospital hastily. The anxiety attack is started with certain symptoms such as chest pain, heart palpitation, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, lightheadedness, trembling and sweating. Once these symptoms are found taking place, you have to realize that you are the victim of panic attack.

Many times the victim of anxiety attacks senses of tingling and numbness in the hands or legs. He feels a certain chill is running through his body and he becomes bluer. Mostly, the attitude towards life determines the panic attack. A passive person is prone to anxiety attack. There are 5 elements that cause panic attack. They are-

Heredity- The lineage or family tree determines the panic attack. If a person’s ancestors suffered from anxiety or panic attacks then naturally the genetics of that person’s lineage carries the characteristic feature and the person is subjected to have this attack. There are bright chances of getting panic in heredity element.

Diet- Your diet habit determines the anxiety attack. Lack of vitamin B in your body makes room for this attack. Vitamin B deficiency can become the cause of panic attack and if B vitamin supplement is provided, the chances are greater to cure from being panic.

Certain Phobia- Particular phobia or fear of something can invite anxiety attacks. The fear may be of height, crowd or of a particular sound. Avoiding the fear element can thwart the panic attack before it occurs.

Personality- Your personality trait can determine being your panic. Generally, a passive person with negative attitude is more akin to have these attacks.

Medicines- Certain medicines or drugs do induce this problem. If you are consuming wrong or unnecessary drugs, then it may likely give you the side-effect of this problem. Consult with your physician if such medicines are inducing bad effect on your body and mind and change the medicines in case of obligation to take.

Panic or anxiety attacks are a threat to healthy life. You should be cautious if you are going to become the victim of these attacks. Don’t lose your heart if you have gotten this attack. Follow a certain certified guide which will help you to eliminate gradually and completely the panic or anxiety attack and make your life full of joy, health, vigor and confidence.