5 Top Natural Gout Relief Remedies

Though gout is extremely painful and you may therefore think that only drugs can help, there are several natural gout relief remedies that have proven to be very effective. In this short article you’ll discover 5 natural gout relief remedies that you can try at home.

First though, to understand how these gout relief remedies actually work, here is a very short explanation of gout and it’s causes…

Gout is an acute medical condition which is generally characterized by extreme soreness, swelling, stiffness, warmth and redness of the joints. It’s a type of arthritis mostly found in the male population, although women can suffer from it too.

A gout attack is the result of high levels of the uric acid in the blood stream. This uric acid then forms uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints and tendons.

Your body’s natural defence views these crystals as foreign bodies and triggers its inflammatory response to try to repel them. It’s this response that actually causes the extremely painful symptoms of gout.

But where does uric acid come from? It’s a byproduct of the breakdown of chemical compounds called ‘purines’ that exist naturally in our bodies and much of our food.

Uric acid is generally dissolved in the blood stream and removed from the body by the kidneys through our urine. However, kidneys at times fail to do so, either because they aren’t working properly or the body is producing too much uric acid for our kidneys to handle.

O.K., now that we’ve looked at what gout is, what causes it and what triggers it, let’s get to the 5 natural gout relief remedies I promised…

Natural remedies, where appropriate, are always better options than taking medicines. All drugs have side effects and those for gout are no exception.

Gout Relief Remedies

1. Lose weight if you are overweight: Several studies have revealed that excessive body weight is one of the highest risk factors for gout. Do this through a sensible diet and daily exercise.

2. Drink lots of water: Water can help prevent the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. Also, water helps the kidneys to flush out excess uric acid from the body.

3. Eat food that has low purine content: For example, eggs, potatoes, yogurt, bread, low-fat dairy, blue berries, strawberries, cabbage and green leafy vegetables. Less purines: less uric acid

4. Apply hot and cold compresses: Three minutes hot then 30 seconds cold increases circulation and provides pain relief. Repeat as necessary.

5. Drink celery seed tea: Celery seeds have lots of anti-inflammatory properties. Add 1 teaspoon of seeds to 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Strain and drink half a cup 4 times daily until the symptoms have gone.

Note: Once having had one gout attack you are now at a very high risk of recurring gout throughout your life. You must take this seriously as this can lead to serious health issues like permanently damaged joints and kidney problems.

Using these types of natural gout relief remedies can help to not only eliminate gout now, but also prevent future gout attacks…

Natural Pain Therapies – Treating Pain Without Harmful Drugs

Not long ago a teacher came to my office with a migraine headache, nausea and photo phobia, or hypersensitivity to light. The photo phobia was so bad, she could not work under the fluorescent lights in her classroom. She had struggled with this problem, in varying degrees for many years.

A gentle chiropractic adjustment with a handheld instrument helped the neck muscles relax, but the migraine persisted. I then gave a series of injections containing procaine and homeopathic medications, under the skin of the patient’s neck and scalp, and into a couple of acupuncture points. The nausea left and within a few minutes the pain began to diminish. Within a few minutes the pain was completely gone. This patient required a few more sessions to permanently resolve her migraines, but the fact that such a simple and safe treatment ccould correct a longstanding, chronic pain problem is remarkable..

Another young woman came to me with abdominal menstrual pain. Her cramps were so severe, she was unable to stand and had to lie down. I gave her six small homeopathic injections just under the skin of the abdomen and additional injections injections along both sides of the lower spine for her low back pain. Within 15 minutes, both the abdominal and back pain were completely gone.

Traditional Medicine vs Newer Alternative Therapies

Traditional medicine relies mostly on narcotics and other drugs to control pain. This often works for the short term, but pain medications, especially narcotics, are dangerous and addictive if used for extended periods of time. These medications do not correct the pain, but only block it temporarily, leading to continued dependency.

Several wonderful pain treatments have evolved in the last century – treatments that are effective in eliminating both acute and chronic pain. These methods include Biopuncture and Neural Therapy. American doctors are not generally aware of these methods, as they were primarily developed in Western Europe. None of these injection treatments uses narcotics or other dangerous drugs.

Neural Therapy, first developed by two medical physicians in Germany in 1925, is the injection of procaine, a natural anesthetic, into scars or painful muscle “trigger points”. More recently Dr. Jan Kershott, MD, of Belgium developed Biopuncture, using injections of homeopathic medications. Biopuncture was featured recently on the Dr. Oz Show.

Both of these injections therapies are effective in treating acute and chronic pain. Results are consistent and two year follow up studies have shown continuing success rates between 80-100%, depending on the specific pain problem.

Biopuncture and Neural Therapy are safe and effective treatments for pain, no matter how longstanding it is, because they actually help to heal and restore normal function.

Opting for a Natural Solution to Address Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are characterized by fear, anxiety, and mental disturbance. Such a disorder may also result in physical symptoms like shakiness or a racing heart. If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, there are usually two options to address the issue. You can either resort to traditional medical treatment or choose to follow alternative natural solutions available. Let us know more about anxiety disorders.

Basic Reasons for Anxiety Disorder

In most cases, anxiety results from the stressful modern life. The entire world is running at hectic speed and this leaves most people exhausted and drained physically and mentally at the end of the day. Such anxieties also emanate from non-fulfillment of desires and failure of expectations. The result is stress, anxiety, and depression following each other in rapid succession. These situations could be the result of family problems, social disturbance, workplace issues, or financial stringencies or any such matter that has an impact on one’s day to day live living and well-being.

Downsides of Traditional Treatment

Most of the traditional treatments for depression and anxieties are based on medications and drugs. These drugs usually create a tranquilizing effect on the patient. Some even go to sleep due to use of medicines. For the time being, a patient may get relief from the stressed feelings and somber moods they are in. Unfortunately, these medications and drugs might have serious after effects. They may adversely affect health conditions. The patient also runs the risk of falling prey to drug addiction. Slowly but steadily, anxiety patients get into the habit of using tranquilizers drugs to get rid of immediate depressed feelings, but over a period of time, a lot of patients become blind to the dangers of drug addiction.

To get rid of the anxiety disorder, people have to look out elsewhere than the traditional drug and medication based treatments. There are some natural methods that are known as alternative treatments and they help in stress management.

These solutions help the patients to dispense with the use of harmful drugs and medications.

Things to know About Natural Solutions

Natural solutions for stress and anxiety related issues are often preferred as they generally do not have any side effects that allopathic medicines have. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before resorting to any such method.

Since natural treatments take a longer time to show its results, you need to be patient enough to wait for the desired results.

The best natural solution for stress management is a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, adequate rest and physical exercises. A couple of popular natural solutions for anxiety disorder are herbal supplements and yoga exercises. The most important reason for preferring natural solutions is that they help the patient live a healthy life, eliminating the stress factors.

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